Chatterboxerr intro!

Hey there folks!

Before I start chattering away it might interest you to know that the ‘categories’ and ’email follow up’ options are hidden at the bottom end of the page under the ‘+’ sign.
I love the Spun theme otherwise so you’ll just have to go with this.

Reading and writing poetry is my way of relaxing and feeling free! Funny, considering I never could understand poetry till about three years ago. Fiction and classics I could grasp, but poetry seemed to give me this quesy and upsetting feel. And now? I believe poetry is the purest, humblest form of expression that resonates within each humanity being. Deep, isn’t it. Well.

Secondly, short stories. I’ve just started taking baby steps in this direction, so feedback and tonnes of compliments are welcome!;)

Apart from these one would find numerous pieces of rambling. Reading this one would understand how I am on a daily basis.
Pocket stories can be found at
Poetry at
Short stories at
Guest entries at
And finally,
Sarcastic bites at

Quite simply put, I am THE CHATTERBOX..ERR;D

And before I forget, the images are either from google (I cannot imagine what it is to be without google..eeps! Scary thought) or my personal clicks or things I’ve created using Picollage (I love Picollage)

Cheers, have a pleasant read!



4 thoughts on “Chatterboxerr intro!

  1. Hi, Adhithi, thank you for stopping by my blog, and the like 😉 I have taken a quick look around your spaces and its cool. Like the way you write, and love the use of Indian slang: Velapanthi! real cool. Glad to have met.


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