In India ‘Atithi’ translates to ‘Guest’.

The famous saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ goes on to say that guests, well, guests are equivalent to god.

In my blog, I hope to treat the guest entries the same way. With thought, scrutiny and respect.

For it’s one of my resolutions… To listen. A lot.

All guest entry links can henceforth be found here.

1. Unity – by Shravanthi By Shravanthi

2. Jyothi A Nair – by Abhishek

3. V’s poem – by Varun

4. The Cry of Widow – by Jay 

5. Fragile – A poem by Anand –

6. Singularity – A poem by MJ –

Feel free to send poems, articles, rambles, Yada bada boo to anytime! Do mention your name (anonymous otherwise?), any links to your blog posts, or just about anything – conditions apply!:P

** Don’t bore me, for one.

***Also, I might edit a bit. Just a bit. I’m a language freak that way:P




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