Chatterboxerr bookprints .. 👣.. March 2018.. The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

DO NOT ask me why I happened on this book so late in life. I don’t know. I issued it from my local public library 2 weeks ago on a whim, and did the adult thing of losing all form of concentration to worries and social media and life. I have to return it today, and thus started reading it. A true dedicated procrastinator. And I haven’t been able to put it down save to quickly put this up before heading back to it. I usually have some lines from a book that I want to save for my blog posts. I can’t do that here, I’d be charged for copyright infringement yada yada cuz I’d have to put in the entire book of beautiful lines. Sarcasm and wit and travel, oh how I live this book! Do read do read. I’ll be back with something more than empty gushing once I finish reading it! And I will really try for some favorite lines! Tadaaa!



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