Bookprints .. May 2017๐Ÿ’“

Roma by Steven Saylor : This book is fascinating and the one thought that hit me constantly was this – if only every piece of land had history that could be fable traced thus! The beautiful country and its tryst with the gods, it’s importance of family name and ancestory, it’s birth and progress and most importantly it’s show of human jealousy and wanton-ness. An enriching read. A pity the pompeii vanished; however this again shows natural selection of sorts. So fucking fascinating. 

The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson: 

How I wish everyone gave this book a read! Even If it’s the first and last thing you readโค๏ธ Nobody explains life hack like this dude. Nobody explains and tailors and makes you understand and guides you like he does. Some parts I could see how I have been wrong, some parts made me see how I’ve been wronged, but all parts put me up to the beautiful realization that it’s all okay. Over the years I re-learn and forget this time and again; that pain has to be embraced, that suffering has powerful growth potential. As a staunch believer of self growth, It always feels good to read something as a reinforcement of what you believe in. Thank you Mark! Here’s to embracing the negatives and not harping for instant positive gratification. Easy to read, super easy to relate, engaging, hitting the topic bang on, so happy I chanced on this at Landmark! 


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