Continuing with my bookprints post from yesterday 

Look at these lines. LOOK. It’s written for a 20s something person who has all these weird thoughts that seem to spring from god-knows-where. The feeling of purposelessness, the feeling of being lost and at bay, the feeling of having everything and yet nothing, the breakup feeling, the career-haha-feeling, the in general ‘so this is the famed grown up life?’ feeling . It has it all. Great job Mr.Kunkel. After all don’t we want to read what we can relate to? Good job indeed. On page 26. 

Page26, Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel

“But knowing the cliches are cliches doesn’t help you to escape them. you still have to go on experiencing your experiences as if no one else has ever done it” – Something my bestie and me tell each other every other day. Right V? 



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