Bookprints .. May 2017!

Chilling in between lab and work with this entertaining lot! 

So far so good. The reading block seems to have disappeared. *Touchwood* With the semester ending I can actually read a book without having panic attacks about the next submission 😏😎

Shall keep you posted! Have a good feeling about this. 

1. Indecision by Benjamin Kunkel – no prizes for guessing why I picked this up. With such a solid title, what a marketing genius. 

2. The Invention of Wings by Monk Kidd – So I get inspired and get off my lazy ass. Amen. 

3. Tinkers by Paul Harding – Again, there was something about the book title. Called out to me. Also, since I’m getting back on the reading horse after quite a while I’m embarrassed to admit the lesser number of pages helped solidify the choice. Again, fellow bookworms, sorry. Truly embarrassed. But I shall make it up to you. Soon, promise. 

Hope y’all are reading good and reading strong. 


~ AK


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