Philly day, market day🥁

On a day with perfect weather (touchwood; let the sun and subtle wind and mild chill persist❤️ may the snow and rain never come back😭) .. 


On a day with perfect weather, I chanced upon the Saturday market at Rittenhouse square in Philly. What a lovely gathering. Got meself some adorable low maintanence succulents. They shall last a year in extremely small pots (uber cute) and have to be watered once in ten days (up yours, adulting, hah!) and don’t need anything else (bless ’em). 

I like Philly. You drive around and you spot varieties. The rundown alleys to the quaint narrow streets. The trolleys 🐒. And I don’t know what’s with the paintings on random building walls but yay philly nice color. Reminds me of Bangalore actually. Hmm. Or Mumbai or a bit of both? 



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