Hey, ma

There’s a snow storm

Raging outside my window 

Fluffy and white and cute 


Angry flakes hit against glass panes 

And as my senses wake up with me

and take this in,

I feel a smile coming on 

As, for the very first time in months 

The storm rages outside, and not within! 

I send hugs and warmth and gratitude and love 

To the woman –

If I were not her daughter, I’d be nothing at all

Hey ma

My energy source

My innocence and drama

My quirky beautiful soul 

I lucked out even as I was born:)

Pic: Niagra, by AK, completely unrelated to the snow storm, but as colorful and energetic as Ma, a thudding lifesource, you just have to be blown in her presence.


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