The M word and pressure systems

When you realise peer pressure never really fades away, not even when people grow up and become parents. Peer pressure just translates to societal pressure, and something fundamentally more deadening than potential drug addiction or alcoholism or smoking or behavioral issues comes forth – the need to marry their children. The need to get rid of a burden, the need to make sure their duties are done and dusted so the never ending responsibilities might end, the need to go to extents to ensure their child’s happiness and future .. by ridding their child’s present of hope. Time, more? Nah. 

Listening to society which deems when it’s the right age; how does society know when one is ready or mature enough? Aided by stating biology and physical appearances. Who the fuck cares about that crap still? Having an unrelentingly stern attitude towards anyone who doesn’t want to cave in – how can someone not agree! Indeed. Doesn’t that spell bad upbringing? Of course. 

In a world where even a graduate degree might not entail financial independence, where emotional maturity might not show her face for years to come, where people are lost trying to find the meaning and purpose of life.. why push those who aren’t willing or ready? 

When will it be okay to let people be the way they want to be? When will it be okay to say oh you want to get married at 21? That’s great! And you at 30? Well that’s great too! 

When will we stop killing ourselves over what is perceived as right and wrong. When. 

When do people decide to listen to everyone but themselves, and when do they decide that it is their birthright to counsel everyone else?  – Cuz I don’t want to become such a person. 

I am an Indian, a girl, and I just realised how naive it is that I didn’t realise this thus far – that the pressure systems never end. If there isn’t board exams and quotas, there’s emotions and drama and M, and life happens. 

Pressure systems never end. 


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