Psychology 101 #Choosing

The best advice is wrapped up in a few words and has a startling impact. 

Someone I once knew told me to simplify my life. A few months after that, my best friend of many years told me – do anything that makes you happy. Cap it, just do it if it makes you happy. 

As in, choose simplicity and simplifying your life, ‘and’ choose something that would make you happy. 

There is an ‘and’ in there, in the sentence above, because oft times when faced with a decision, the answers from these two choices aren’t the same. 

In trying to simplify, the answer might be A. In trying to be happy and take a decision, the answer might be B. Of late I’ve understood something about these choices; albeit retardely late – 

When I go with answer B, a choice as a consequence of happiness, I get A too. In choosing to be happy, I end up with my simplified solution too – in fact it’s even more simplified than what I’d have had if I’d chosen A. 


Happy Sunday folks!



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