Bookprints #Dec2016

1. The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedman – it’s the first book I’ve completed in a single sitting in a year (thanks to pursuing masters in engineeringđŸ™„) and reading a travel story on a 30 hour journey with transits and layovers and air travel just sets the mood. It’s a wonderful light read that addresses some really important questions people in their twenties constantly through out to the universe through/via travel – I couldn’t ask for a better travel companion! (Sid, my hooman travel companion was a welcome addition too đŸ˜œ)

And my favorite pages! 

2. The Small Bachelor by Wodehouse 

Picked out by my ohos, already a special place in my bookshelf! Just started on it:) 

3. Chasers of the light by Tyler Knott Gregson – a friend of mine got me hooked to his insta posts which lead to ordering his books and might I just say – Whoa, boy. His poetry be oh so powerful yet so simple and tear inducing *sniffling*. It’s written for this generation – each poem, each piece, the right words, the right kind of love. He’s amazing:) 

Except for one poem, which touches a raw nerve in me .. the lines ‘I and only I “will be”‘ .. nah uh, raw nerve, this – 

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