My Angels

On a lovely night by a crackling fire
The heat unable to penetrate the biting air

Shivering on the outside covering a numb heart within

I stare at the wilderness that never seems to end

And there they come ever so bright

The glimmering lights from within the dark

Bouncing towards me to stay by my side

To give me their warmth on that silent night.


Tired and drawn by the battles raging,

More the ones within then the swords clashing

I withdraw my defenses wanting no more

Lower my head ready to receive the blow

When the come to me as timely as ever

Forming the shield that provides my cover

Reminding me with just a single look in the eye

It was never my battle for me to choose to die.



Stranded I stand with a million choices in hand

Desperately seeking to find my golden path

My vision blurring with spiraling thoughts

As the setting sun brings on the onset of the night

They come to me yet again, as always

My angels in disguise to guide me through

Through the shrubs and thorny ways

They hold my hand and ease the pain.


They are my angels and I love them so

My angels through the night of joy and sorrow

Angels sent by God, for me alone

To stay by my side and hold me close.

Photo: By AK at Silver Sand State Park, Conneticut, USA

~ The most beautiful poem from one of my favourite people: Devika Kishnan




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