Weekend travels – Pittsburgh,USA

Making the most out of this summer break, our latest weekend stop was Pitts. 

Didn’t really care much for the lack of views as we entered from NJ at midnight. But loved it the next day. 

Rather see it in the morn and around sunset when the lights come up:)

Randy Land, Poetry village, Bicycle heaven, Point state park (fountain), downtown pitt, Mt Washington with the viewpoints and Pitt skyline. Pittsburg is actually really nice. Uniqueness being the multiple bridges and tunnels, the city being on the ground as well as above on a hill space, and how being small a city everything is 10 mins away. And the scattering of cute homes over the hills. The posh buildings and residences. CMU. 

At Randy Land I had this discussion with a lady about the Magic Garden in Philly and how that was done to make a dump look better and utilize space. I only know of it vicariously and through my roomate’s photographs and experience. But I have a feeling I’m making a stop there. Soon. But on talking and listening to Randy, and visiting his webpage I realized he did the same thing. Ah, beautiful souls:) 

And my heart almost burst seeing this free library!

Thank you people everywhere for getting in such beautiful ideas and concepts into the world!:)

I loved the Fluorescent room at the Bicycle Heaven. Loved. Loved. Loved. Unexpected thrills. 

And Mt Washington and its roads! Pleasantly surprised driving through hilly cobblestone roads:) Ofcourse the weather as we visited the overhang and saw the Pitt skyline helped cement the day to perfection๐Ÿ˜‹

We were also told to visit the Mattress factory museum and the Andy Warhol museum too (Lamba went on about him and the difference between hip and hipster) go on the scenic ramp at Mt Washington. Next time hon. 



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