Coldplay :)

It started with Yellow…and we were all yellow:)

Philadelphia, 2016

This ain’t a post for the bragging spree. This is a post for a childlike happy memory. From wanting to go but a plan canceled, to getting good last minute tickets, to the sloppy smile plastered all throughout to ride to the venue, to listening to Foxes and Alecia perform, there was this fuzzy pause in my head. 

And then, there they were. #Coldplay. 

And in my head, the fuzzy pause became a clear uproar. 

We were all lighted specks, a happy family with fireworks in an electrifying night.

I thought I’d cry when Scientist played. T’was Fix you that was my undoing. 

The song that got me through oh so much, just for that song alone, Love:)


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