Front row tickets to my favorite band:)

I went to the beach late last nightOr early morn t’day

Were but two souls around

A slow smooth breeze

Quiet, heart-smiling walk 

On to the water

Through a boardwalk

And silken massaging sand

Muscles relaxing, anticipation building 

Onto the water, 

Where it made merry with the rocks
Sitting in the empty coastguard chair

A front row ticket to my favorite band 

Night starry sky, a cloak warming me 

Cuddling under this blanket

Seeing the Big Dipper to my left 

And Aquarius to my right 

Singing long forgotten songs to them 

scattered twinkling beauties 

Holding on to the crashing water’s promise 

Of drowning me out,

I resigned myself to my ‘self’, within.
How lucky am I? 


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