Hi, what do you like? 

‘Hate them .. She’s black!.. Muslims.. Our country.. Suffering .. Terrorism.. Immigrants.. Go back.. Support Trump..We.. Us.. Me ..’ 
Give me a moment. 
Who are you?
What do you like? 
Okay, let me go first. 
I like Archie comics 

And Calvin Hobbes 

Trekking and camping and basketball

I love reading and writing 

I’m a Biomedical Engineer

I love being around warm people 

Working, and coming back 

I like getting happy smiles and hugs 

From back home and here

Friends and family ❤️

I have my dark days 

I have my happy ones 

I try showing the world my best – 

The smiles, the warmth, the cheer

Why won’t you see it? 

Why won’t you let yourself see

That the darkness you surround yourself with 

Are all merely roles

And beneath it all, 

We are just souls

Here to learn to love

Love and exist and be.

Just be. 

So, hi. 

What do you like?



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