Travelogue – Bold Coast, Maine

Maine You beauty, you! 

Ellsworth is the prettiest, no actually Machias ❤ ..Scratch that, Cutler!!

I refused to try taking pictures, for which direction do I point my camera, every second, every breath! (But I did take some, no worries!)

From scenic moor like landscapes, to water stretching to every nook and corner, to the most amazing campsites, within which exist antique and used books flea markets, to the prettiest neighborhoods and houses you can set eyes on. Not to mention the roads; baby you’ve gotta ride it to know it! 

We saw this coast which at first glance had floating towers! – mists covering towers.

Knowing how popular Acadia is .. We skipped it. For now. 

We proceeded to Bold Coast. 

We trekked 1.4 miles along the coastal ridge to reach the view point that, cliched for lack of expression, blew our mind. Water in front and around, the mist around the surrounding rocky outstretches from the mountains with seagulls gliding around. The stuff movies are made of. 

We continued with our backpacks for another 1.4 miles to the 5th campsite literally above a beach. Are you scoffing seeing 1.4 miles? Baby, stop, you have no idea;D 

The first trek was hot and humid, through the forest ground laid out with roots a-plenty to trip you up, planks initially, rocks, moss and the softest moist ground patches; up and down the mountains along the coast. 

Experienced takeaway: Mosquitoes were a given from the second hour; the sooner you make peace with it, the better. 

After covering basics such as realizing the lack of a proper brook or stream as our water source (a fellow camper advised us to carry 2 gallons of water per person; tip for the next camping experience!), putting up a tent (Walmart this time), using sleeping bags(from rei), and cooking 101 (lighter, stove, cylinder, maggie, tinned beans should cover it), we continued along the the coastal trail for 2 miles the next morning. 

This terrain had the features of the previous trek along with lavish amounts of huge rocky paths, and moss that once stamped upon takes 1000 years to grow back. The day was largely misty. We reached Fairy Head which was our destination. 

The beauty of coastal trails is the way the path works you to a deep sweat making you heave climbing up and down on repeat, and giving you breather intervals by getting you near the ridge thereby getting cool wind and the most breath taking view .. I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d see things this beautiful in a span of three days. 

We sprawled out at Fairy Head napping and reading and chilling on the rocks, and watching the rapids below. On our way back near the fourth campsite we found a pocket cobble beach. I found my paradise. Ice cold water with pebbles of such color and variety with green mountains on either side and water stretching to the horizon. Perfect after a tiring trek; we realized then the value of cold water. 

Wait, the day doesn’t end in this heaven. Yes, there is more. 

We reached our campsite in the evening (did I mention we had to use a rope to climb up to our campsite? Yep!), had food, danced a duet with mosquitoes as always, and played uno. We then walked to a nearby ridge. Sitting there, we were in the presence of moon shine. Can you picture the breath taking sight I’m trying to paint? Legs dangling off a rocky cliff, water below featuring rocks and calm slow rapids, mountain silhouettes on both sides. Clouds, and the moon waning in and out and through the clouds, shimmying a reflection onto the water. The reflection on rippled water, eyes tearing up, how lucky do you think I felt just being able to witness this sight? 

The next morning we woke up early to a light dew shower, and went to the same spot as the previous night, this time to catch sunrise. 

(PS: Did I tell you about our campsite above the water? So we woke up to the water crashing into rocks every morning as the mountains looked on.. And I read a book eating Maggie facing this scene. YES.). 

Anyway, back to sunrise. Oh the perfect spot, the light changed from purple to crimson hues as the sun arose, reminding us more of sun set rather than sun rise. We welcomed it singing ‘Mountains’ by Biffy Clyro. It wasn’t as misty as the previous day, so our morning view albeit cold, was clearer. 

This being the last day, we packed up and picked up an inland trail to get back to the parking, taking up the advice of fellow campers we crossed paths with. This was a ‘fairly easy’ 2.7 miles trek as it rained. 

On the whole I doubt any other trek would provide such a wholesome mix of trails, paths, scenes and weather. Wilderness with small to shoulder length plants, roots at times providing a good foot step while tripping and poking at other instances, sharp rocky terrain of different sizes, moss dampened soft floors; forested, oceanic, beaches; Warm, breezy, cold and rainy.

I wouldn’t call this trek anywhere near easy, and beware of the water and mosquito issues. As a bonus there are only a handful of people on any given day owing to the scarce number of campsites. 

But I would go again, and then again. For it is quite simply, paradise. 

That’s me, and behind me at an elevation, among the trees is our campsite. 

Being no stranger to injuries, torn ligaments and faulty joints to impinged discs, I’m surprised and overjoyed to say that though I slipped and fell twice, though we trekked and hiked all day for three days, my body actually feels better now than how it felt going in. 
Nature heals:)
Thus, a 600 mile-ish drive from Jersey to the eastern most point of USA (almost), a mere 20 miles from Canada!:) 

Our #1 has thus shifted to Maine. 

Plus, no parking meters here, hurray:P
A weekend of firsts.. #MyFirstDrivingInUSA #MyFirstCampingExperience #PieBaeSid



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