She: Suspended

Asleep, tucked in 

Peace, anything but. 

Heart mid beat, suspended 

Hands frantically reach out to the wall

Find a railing? 

To stop the unexpected fall

Into life and mind’s dark, dark, story 

No light, no merry, not here! 
Free falling; in the darkness she gasps 

Stifling her, suffocating 

She tries to grab on to what she knew – 

But they turn away from her 

Confused anguish, she turns tired eyes onto herself

Ceasing to find the railing

She let it engulf her 

Pain, a soul shattering pain

It couldn’t get any worse, she figured 

Alas, she didn’t understand

A shattered being can be shattered ever more – 

Repeatedly, for eternity. 

Pic: New York (South Ferry), USA

About: As we grow up, we are bound to hit the 20’s crisis. In any given avenue of life there are sudden hardships and tumbles and steep falls. There are good things; but we now know how infrequent the good things are in coming, and how easily all that is treasured can be lost. And even with all the amazing people you surround yourself with, your soul is heavy, lost and tired.  



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