Book Prints – June 2016

1. Slowing Down To The Speed Of Life by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey

I needed this read. Thanks Roo, for letting me know about this book:) 

The free flowing thought process is something I’ve been using unconsciously for the longest time in my life, especially as I read a lot and zone out the rest of the world, as my family and friends heartily point out. Of late however, I’d stopped reading, and my mind was anything but calm, anything but in the present moment. Thank you guys for writing this and bringing me back! It’s a must read for everyone, especially those of us who are suddenly in the grown up world✌🏽️

2. Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah – It was a beautiful one day read. It had the plot, the story – what a narration!. It had the magnificent twist, the perfect portrayal of depth in a family. The way a torn family finds its common ground in Russian history through a fairy tale; amazing. Most of all, I admire the way a woman is shown to bear intense heartbreak, that of a citizen, warrior, wife, lover, daughter, sister, and a mother. Where does this character of Vera draw so much strength from? Vera reminds me of a stronger generation, firm and correct.  

My favorite line in this book is this. 

‘The minutiae had consumed the whole’. 

It was a beautiful read, and as always, grateful to the author for writing it and putting it out there:)


3. Tigana by Guy Gavriel Ray – just started reading it. All I can say for now is that it’s my first fantasy novel! Imma went from slow apprehensiveness to wow I actually like it! 

Be back soon, 



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