The amount of pain human beings can endure is extraordinary. The pain and havoc they can wreck in each other’s life is humungous. The lightness they forego for the heaviness is amazing. The mind, you see, that’s where everything dwells. The monsters, the fairies, the elves and all magical beings and not so magical ones too. It’s where diseases and heartaches and headaches infests. When these manifest, to deflect blame we put it all on “life”, by itself a beautiful entity. We invent words like ‘self-pity’ so one can let the mind chill in a cool pool during intense summer months. We make up philosophies and phrases such as ‘It’s no one’s fault’, just so we can let ourselves be a little longer with people we love…d. Our world that of instant gratification, is one of spontaneous hurt, betrayal, letting down, letting go, forgetting; instant poisoning. We want the best, everything top class and perfect, our wants and needs make a pile of unfilled desires that eat at us and shred us to pieces. Each and every day.

Living in today’s world is toxic and poisonous.

Yes, one could excuse all the bad into another phrase ‘just a bad phase/day/time’. And, ‘good times are around the corner’. I’m sure it is. I just think we are just excusing ourselves, letting us play with each other’s souls and be consequence free. We can invent excuses out of thin air, and look how lost we all are. Even the ones shaking their heads and saying no, we are not, especially you guys.
All I can say is this.
“Love and lose

Loved and lost

How I wish

We lost to death

Instead of to each other”

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