The cutest poem!

You are a hanger I’m a coat 
Don’t you laugh 

Hear me through 
Some days are cold 

I come in crumpled and worn 

Hanging on to you 

By morning back to shape and good 
Some days are warm 

Shrugged off I am 

Forgotten and tossed 

Hang on to you, I do 

And as the night passes 

Shapeless I am no more 
But here’s the twist 

Some days 

The cold might hit you 

And those days this coat 

will keep you warm 
And the days it’s unbearably hot 

I’ll still be around 

To pester you 

Till you learn to get exasperated 

And sweat in defeat;D 
Coat and hanger 

Not one without the other:D 



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