Book prints – Jan 2016


1. The Rule Of Four by Ian Cadwell and Dustin Thomason
Loved it. The mystery, the content, Princeton, Ivy, story telling, page turning capability, many many aspects. The ending even reminded me of the last scene in Amir Khan’s movies ‘3 Idiots’.


2. Once Upon A Time In The Soviet Union by Dominique
I’m currently reading this and will finish by the time I get off the plane dayafter. Hmm! It needs no review or introduction, who doesn’t know this beauty! What got to me especially is the language or manner in which the author pens the narration. Lovely. And what a marvellous road trip idea for that period in time!


3. Last Mysteries Of The World –  Borrowed it off my uncles collection. So many things here, I’ve read but a few of the mysteries described. Wonderful. Occurs to me how I need to catch up on such books more often.

4. The Tyro’s daughter by Georgette Heyer.
My favourite author. I neednt reiterate the reason she’s my favourite yet again 😀


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