Correspondence – The Game

Holla peeps!

I’ve started this game with a few of my besties.

(I used to keep in touch with my oldest friend Sud via letters, old style, so this comes naturally to me now)

We are all in different parts of the world at any given moment. And agreed, there’s Whatsapp and Facebook and snapchat and emails and cheaper calls and ..the other zillion apps. But times don’t match, lives becomes busier, people come people go, energy levels vary..etcetera.
So here’s the game with the personal touch.

1. Write a letter. WRITE as in on paper.
    – A paragh a page two pages you go for it.
2. Take a photo of it.
3. Email it.
4. They see it and reply.
5. Take a print out of their reply.
Psst: Personal touch.
6. Apart from yo bro sup I did this  .. Add something new in each correspondence. A new word that caught your interest. A place you want to visit. A theory you learnt. An idea you have.
7. Make it interesting.
8. Don’t let it wane. Once in week. Once in a month. Once in two months. Six months. Choose a a time period and stick to it.

Anyone interested in joining this correspondence?
Writing, travel, philosophy, life.. Pen pals?

I’m loving it!


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