Who recharges you?

Who, or what is your energy source?
It might vary; sometimes a then friend, at times a hobby, or a new interest.
Some energy sources are temporary.
It could be one’s best friend, parent, childhood house, pet..anything or anyone.
I’ve realised, as circumstances change, as we grow up,  there’s more clarity achieved in understanding energy sources that have always or will always charge one up. No amount of life or reality will touch these bonds you have to your source. And no reality, no event will be too much to charge over when you are in its/their presence.
Notice I say presence. Not touch, talk, interaction.. Just being in the same time and space as your source.
It’s healing. Magical. Life giving. Life restoring. It’s life itself.
Here’s wishing everyone figures out and realises the importance of their respective energy sources.
Familiarity is important.



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