Psychology#101 – The Problem

Feel free to substitute the ‘our’  for ‘I’ if you feel the need to disagree.  I know it doesn’t do to generalise. Still. 
So then. 
The problem, I think,  is that we pity ourselves too much.  At the same time in erratic phases we drive ourselves too much.  We don’t push, we don’t dream. We don’t really have a reason to. No collective goal either. We don’t really have great goals –  I don’t know what one would peg great goal as.  It could be power and wealth, it could be helping people,  just bringing on a smile,  for the public good,  a personal goal, anything. Somehow this generation I belong to,  we lack motivation, spine,  purpose,  reason, and therefore it’s okay to say that most things seemed to have skipped our generation. 
We are cowardly,  in some aspect or the other,  we are cowardly and we seem to lack strength most times in life. 
We quiver at the slightest problem,  we crib and we cry and we are all but puppets on a string. 
But sometimes we too do great things, despite all of the things said above. 
And, a great many people don’t fit the description above.  They defy this.  The might fail and fall but they sure as hell don’t fit the tab above. 
Where do you fit in?
Oft times we feel there’s nowhere we truly fit in..  Maybe we just have to custom fit in whichever mental plane we find ourselves in at any given moment. 



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