Book prints – November – 2015

Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran : I read her book Nefertiti with Angi a few years back and I loved it for the romantic spin with solid history.  Probably the very same reason I’m a Georgette fan.  This book made me feel the same way.  A book I’d cuddle up to with hot cocoa and ditching all things work. I’m not a history person so I cannot comment on that aspect of it but the flow was superb,  the tale enchantingly woven and I could not put it down until it was done.  Period.


Towards the end of October was Quiet by Susan Cain
What? What’s not to relate and love in this book? So many pages I found myself nodding vigorously and going happy with ecstasy that someone gets it. But I did take in everything with a pinch of salt, no worries!

The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen by Syrie James – I get it, it was an attempt to make the world a better place and the days a Lil happier by getting in a Jane Austen story but it just felt forced upon. I looked forward to it and quite liked the beginning.. And then something changed and I can’t place my finger on it.. It felt repetitive and redundant. Or I’m just blabbering!

I do, do I – by Ruchita Misra – I loved the quirkiness played out throughout the book. The story was mainstream and it was another chick lit we chicks happen to read when the mood strikes but the quirkiness me liketh. Thanks Shreya, for lending it to me!
These lines I loved :
“You have known all along that no one will ever really love you the way your parents do, and then, one day you realise no one will ever love your parents as you do. ”
“When we love someone, we know it even before we know. Its like your soul hears your heart before you hear it. Love reaches somewhere deep inside us long before it becomes apparent. ”




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