Library with Shelley 

I came in to study Signal Processing but suddenly found myself with this : 

And in it I found this by Shelly c.1814 : 

YET look on me! – take not thine eyes away,

Which feed upon the love within mine own, 

Although it be but the reflected ray 

Of thy sweet beauty from my spirit thrown.

Yet speak to me! -thy voice is as the tone 

Of my heart’s echo, and I think I hear 

That thou yet love at me, whilst thou,alone,

Like one before a mirror,tak’st no care 

Of aught but thine own, imaged too truly there.
And yet I wear out life in watching thee,

A toil so sweet at times; and thou indeed 

Art kind when I am sick, and pityest me, 

And I.. 

Getting back to Signal Processing then! Later folks!



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