A Wish: Chatterboxerr’s cutest guest entry

I want to travel
I want to see the world and leave a mark
I want to leave home with nothing,
but a map and
a Polaroid camera
I want to go to that place
Where nobody’s ever been
I want to explore ancient x ruins and
I want to spend a night in an island
I want to talk to strangers
I want to learn new languages and,
I want to save a couple of lives along the way.

I want to be “that girl”
who be crazy enough to go out on her own and do it all
I want to be remarkable
Breathtaking and insane
In all the best ways
I want to be anything but
The idea of leaving the world without making a difference scares the shit out of me.

A guest entry by Daksha, one of the cutest naughtiest humans I’ve ever met, with a bit of tinkering on my part that I hope she doesn’t mind!

As I travelled last week, shifting abroad temporarily, I’m pretty sure most of these thoughts went through my head too.
A universal chant this one,eh.



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