Be yourself : Dare to be beautiful, perfection

You do that

Smile like you’re off your rockers

Dare to show your glowing face

In the darkest of places

Filled with artificial lights and beings

Dare to blaze it up with originality.



Cry cuz you can’t hold it in

Let the tears break free

Embrace it – no don’t you shun away a moment too soon

Storm around enraged

And why not?


Let anger wash you

hit rock bottom, sink- happens.

Happens when you have standards-

Standards they’ll soon know you set

For yourself too.


Show the face you feel

Let go protecting their feelings

Let go playing these roles

Let go these face masks

Aren’t you tired ho?

Ask it all;

why when how wherein how come?


Laugh cuz its all so puzzling

Snort as you read that comic strip

Dance cuz your bones need shaking

Love those conversations

Hold close, the stillness

Be silence’s best friend

You do that.


Go about, calmness in your being

Dare to be curious

Can you be stable?

Do you understand emotional quotient?

Dare to be perfection

Dare to be beautiful

You do that.

Be, you.


You do that

You’re human.

It’s called being humane, yes.

It’s also called being true.

Mostly, its called just being you.



Be beautiful, be perfection

Be yourself


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