Book prints #July2015

This month has been more of enjoying stories on screen! The Tamil movie ‘Papanasam‘, Telugu movie ‘Baahubali‘ and Hindi movie ‘Bhajarangi Bhaijaan‘.

I’ve never fallen in love with movies so hard before:)

But I did catch up on some books.
1. Still reading the Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann… So far, wow. Proper updates when done reading.

2. Started reading ‘A Suitable Boy‘ by Vikram Seth. I started out with the hard copy but boy was it big! So switched over to the soft copy. The first time ever, I actually prefer the soft copy!

3. Read ‘This is for real‘ by James Hadley Chase.
A brilliant and exciting page turner, like all Hadley Chase books. How did he do it?
I never knew the author was blind. It’s not a pity point, its the incredibility (is it a word?) with respect to the avid detailing that brought on that fact.


Anyway, be it Chase or Alistair, if you write a thriller you try matching that impossible standard ❤


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