Pockets stories #4

“If you could change one thing about him, what would it be?” I am asked.

I stare at the boy I met a while ago. 

My mind tries to give me facts to answer the question. 
After what seems like ages it gives me one answer..This could change.. My mind tries harder..harder still..Maybe that could also change..what else?

His hands take hold of mine under the table.The soft squeeze makes me swallow the answer my mind has come up with. I don’t say a word. 

“I wouldn’t change a thing about her.. and I hope she feels the same way about me” he says. 

Now, forty years later, I’m thankful I didn’t say a word.

That was close.


Cuz I really liked that boy. 
Cuz I really like that boy. 
Nothing had to change.

~ AK


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