Singularity  (A mind blowing guest entry)



Are you okay?

To answer that question would be a million untold lies,

things I pay you not to laugh out of me

with the silence I have to maintain

when you make every bit of my body scream

from the tear you’ve left just around here.

Can you see it?

No one can. It’s behind my blinding smile.

I was shit at first, wanting everything, keeping nothing.

There’s a cruel punishment for throwing at a shadow


Throwing at black


It’s like I’m laughing but there are tears running down the window.

I pretend it’s just the rain.

It works. No other way.

Want to be free from the messy rip I find both calming

and everything but.

It tastes like molten candy,

getting down with the penguins, meaninglessly happy and

the first time you touched my face when I cried so hard I was screaming.


Look, I’m not okay.

Are you okay?

I’m okay. 

– MJ

You can find other mind blowing poems from MJ at 

#poetsofinstagram and


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