Book prints #May #June 2015

I don’t think I updated for May. I should have cuz now I don’t know which ones I’m forgetting! Not many cuz I was too busy doing nothing this period:D 

1. 1q84 by Murakami Haruki– When my old roomie Jaya sent this I thought…Nothing. Then I started reading it. It’s so damn strong and powerful you shake your head, dizzy with clarity. Here’s a line so you might get what I mean: ‘ The spider had no confusion, no despair, no regrets. No metaphysical doubt, no moral complications’.

Haven’t finished it, more updates then! 

2. Anita Nair – Cut Like Wound – It’s my first Anita Nair book. My only interaction with her before this was watching her interview at a lit fest. I loved the plot, and what an idea! It made me pick up the book and buy it. 

A psychological thriller in apna Bangalore! At first I found some indianisms and cliches that made me squirm but soon the plot caught up to me and I quite liked it. The language is pretty informal and at times I found the flow stopping due to the main character Gowda’s rambling. Then there were times when all of a sudden I was laughing at a line in pure glee. 

Hmm! I have to pass it on to Fringi next time I meet her! 

3. Many other books that can’t seem to recollect! * hides face in utter shame* 

4. The Magic mountain by Thomas Mann. 

Starting it now. Hopefully. I want to. Fingers crossed. I got it as a gift months ago. Fringi would kill me if she knew I haven’t started as yet!

5. Today morning I found myself reading Giovanni Boccaccio’s short stories. Truth be told I only picked it up cuz it looked cute (see pic!) and costed 49 bucks. I finished it in 15 mins and it was .. I really don’t know what to say! Common enough I suppose? Don’t kill me. Oh and I found this in the back AFTER reading it. If only I’d seen it at the store I’d have saved 49 bucks! If you found what I mean🙈

6. A couple of guys I met recently (Read: Sid, Vaity, S,S) are head over heels in love with Asimov. So is my father apparently. A friend was sweet enough to send me a couple of them – thanks V! So after Thomas Mann I should hopefully start with his books!:D


~ AK


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