It’s all about writing #Dailypage

I had some free time today. Kidding, I’m forever free. 

Anyway, while most people would spend their time surfing the net or watching movies etcetera like normal people I .. Well, I try to write by checking out writing related sites and apps:P

I used Daily page today (daily – all thanks to Abhishek – he told me about it. 

And this was today’s prompt 

I fumbled writing a response – I haven’t written anything in months.  Also the prompt reminded me of high school essays. So don’t yelp in pain seeing the language or cry out swear words In utter boredom. Take it in thy stride! B) 

Here goes – 

Writing. Creative writing.

I love the way I can always write, through all the drudgery of a routine jam packed day. How when I write everything gets simplified and for those precious few moments the world feels absolutely right. It stuns me, the wealth of emotion that courses through me as I write. I guess that’s what happens when for a few moments in time you do something as innate and natural to you as breathing. One always feels closest to the topics that one is good at without trying too hard. There’s no question of dropping interest levels here. That’s writing for me. 

There are two ways of learning. Self and otherwise. Self learning is a natural process, which gets accentuated when it’s coupled with interests and topics one understands quite naturally. But it’s a slow learning curve. 

The other way is through external sources. This is where I hit roadblocks. Which one in the plethora of online courses and teaching portals is any good? Will it help my rambling peter into a beautifully structured piece? Yes, you may well point out that I could go to university and study. Do they HAVE to cost an arm and two legs? 

Much blabber, such ramblings. 



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