I never did walk on a tight rope.

But at least I could walk.

Walk, stroll,trot, jog, jingle

and run and dance and prance. 
Now I amble – 

Sometimes a few steps, 

Most times to the next tablet. 

It isn’t that bad, 

I tell myself. 

Oh pshaw it’s alright, I’ll be fine! 

The world teaches you 

That positive and happy 

And miracles to believe is the way to be. 

So I 

Keep myself happy, I do. 

Not so much the people looking after me though. 

For them I wish I could fly, 

Just to see them back

To where elusive happiness resides. 

I try and work the magic 

And voila! 

I even manage more steps! 

Oh what joy 

To get back what was lost and missed such a while! 
But oh dear it always,

Always comes back to thaw.

Thaws my body, my mind and their efforts

And once more glum sets in. 

I was never perfect, never always a-glee, 

None of that I say;

But I was me. 
Not begrudging comparison – 

There are stats to suggest

I am just fine! 

That person there has that ..worse than death! 

This neighbour suffers from.. Oh the poor woman! 
Never diminishing all that, 

I ain’t. 

It’s just ..

This just isn’t me. 



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