When things 
Are meant to be
And you know it
 Through minor trifles and major roadblocks;
You have company.

Through every ‘no’ that you hear 
To painful denials 
Rejections and negative imprints
Through frequent self questioning;
You have company.

There is .. this aura
It feeds you.. On
It surrounds you.. Protecting you with a warming buzz
It brings in much needed positivity .. When you seem to have bred only negativity 
It keeps you afloat.. When everything indicates you will sink 
It helps you surge.. You break away and dance
It sets you ablaze with ..hope and all things good

It stays with you..till you hear ‘yes’.

This aura
Will keep you company
And it’s your best damn bet cuz
It holds you
Closer than all the love you’ve known. 



This is what me and my sisters painted on the horticulture society walls, oppo Semmozhi Poonga, Chennai thanks to ‘The Paint Box’. Seems to fit here..hope:) 


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