Pocket stories #3

She asks me if she could borrow my jumper. 

My mind gets peeved and starts cussing. 

She must have sensed it  – I’m hopeless at suppressing antagonism. 

“Oh it’s cool, I’ll just pick something else to wear on top” says my new roommate. 

My eyes traveled through every nook and crook of her over stuffed cupboard as she rummanged through it. 

They report that there were atleast three pieces would fit better than my jumper. 

Why in gods name does she want mine?! 

You know those moments that last a second when there’s a click or a flash and a hundred things run through the head and an amalgamation of every insignificant but significant detail gets you to a conclusion you cannot explain to any sane person cuz they will doubt your ever doubtful sanity?

One such moment happened to pass. 

And I caught myself giving her my much-in-demand jumper saying “Hey here you go, have a great time with him!” 

I don’t know why I felt an immense sense of freedom in letting go. 

Freedom comes in the most looniest of ways I say.

(Image: google images says it’s davidappell.blogspot.com:) )



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