Pocket stories #2

I can’t believe they broke up. 
“I can’t believe I just had a breakup” she says, cementing the impossibility. 
I don’t know their story as ‘theirs’, I only know it her way. So I don’t know his view on this. 
I don’t know why such things happen. 
It just feels wrong and uppity.

After a few months we catch up. She says there ARE those lonely days but I feel astonished and awed at how she wants to find positivity in every damn situation. I can’t imagine myself there. I’d wallow in pity and ice cream and go over to the darker side and give in to murderous thoughts.

I meet her after a year. 
I just had a breakup. She hugs me and says sorry. Her face is aglow. “Found someone?” I ask. 
“Yes! Someone I thought I’d lost forever” she chirps. 
“Oh, I didn’t know you guys got back” I say, congratulatorily. 
She gives me a hug and laughing insanely, replies. 
“No silly! I was talking about myself!”  

~ AK


Pic: google images (and then some editing on top) 


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