Questions on writing -_-

When you leave a story midway and start another, does the first story’s theme follow into the second?
Always the same underlying theme. Sigh.



4 thoughts on “Questions on writing -_-

  1. does the theme relate to you the most? I am trying to write a short story with a friend and we’re both trying to challenge each other; attempting to get outside our literature comfort zones. It’s not easy. half the time I was thinking along the same elements and themes of the last story I just barfed out. Very tough.

    I’d say focus on getting as far away from your main theme as possible at first then make the details similar if it feels right. Then you’ll have different things to say but with the same style and flavors of all your other stories. By the way where can I read some of your work?


    • Where can I showcase incomplete works stopped midway? Nowhere!:D
      It just feels weird when I try going away from the theme and forcing myself to write differently- feels silly!
      Let me know if you and your friend ever finish that story!

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      • You know I understand how you feel. It’s horrible seeing an unfinished love. However- how many people know how finished it is?

        Depending on how long it is you could release them as short stories. Not for free of course. But if it’s anywhere near 25,000 words, or longer, I would totally salvage the work and see what others think?


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