Poem for #napowrimo – day2 – stars

Slipping away from you
Though you weren’t too bad
I slip away
Delighted to move away from the light
The light that once filled me with lust
I guess I was just human back then

And into the darkness of disquiet peace
I feel the stars rush to greet me
The sky stooping to kiss me
The twinkle of its many smiles
Shining a resonance deep in me

I see the grass
And admonish the sky and stars and the moon
For how they perpetually steal my little attention!
I want to glance lovingly at the blades of grass
And muddy ground
and the barks of the trees

The moon and stars
Selfless darlings that they are
They shine their bloom upon the earth
I run, happy and unfettered

Soon I catch sight of a whitewashed fence
And throwing my good foot over
I drag my battered body to the other side

And loo and behold
I’m not but a human no more!
I’m just a free spirit
Hugging the sky
Whispering to the earth
And kissing the stars

Ah how they do love me so



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