THE APP : Google Sky Map

I’ve always been a night sky lover. The moon, the stars, the works. Yet this is something my non-tech savvy side never tried before. 

Thank you amazing people who make such things possible – google sky map. 

I finally do not have to wonder what “that” bright star is.. Turned out to be Jupiter! Here, see!:D

(Chennai, India, 14th March 2015) 

I know, how did I not try this out sooner? Damn.. Thanks Angi! Yes, I will check out Stellarium too.

I love the fact that it has a compass. And that I get to see the north and south poles, the planets, constellations, plethora of stars. They are everywhere! Feeling super funny seeing Capricorn under my feet!:P 

No, I’m quite aware of the planetary system, don’t worry! ;D

It’s just that it’s so damn fascinating! Awestruck. 

Hooked on to it. 

AK, signing off. 

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