The world knows it best 

Sometimes I think 

the world is so developed in every way, 

I just don’t fit. 

Everything is so streamlined, 

I cannot find my fit. 

That if we weren’t so perfect, 

I’d know what I want to really do

and who knows, maybe even do it good. 

That if we weren’t so mature and all knowing, 

I’d build up my passion 

Adding one and one together

Instead of being handed a perfectly added whole number. 

You know, 

like figuring out what I’m innately good at, 

Instead of understanding never to try it. 

That if we lived in a forgiving society, 

I’d actually bother doing what I want to do. 

Consequences be damned. 

Who knows 

I might even venture into a known field 

Forgetting that 

I may not find it as pure 

The way I dreamt it to be. 

But really, 

I’d never get to doing what I love

For I cannot accept it

be even an inch away from 

What my heart imagines. 

I cannot let 

My foolish heart realise

That dreams are 

Stranded into reality. 


13th March 2015


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