Book prints – March 2015

Holla folks! 
Watchu guys reading?

My March booklist is..

– The Color Purple by Alice Walker
(I know, I know, its a Pulitzer price winner man, you hadn’t read it till now?! Well, I hadn’t. But. What a beautiful book. I opened and read five hours straight and put it down only when done. The story was heart wrenchingly good, the plot and the innocent protagonist!, the twists, and most importantly.. The hope. Through every earthly injustice, hope. Something we need to read, and wish our lucky stars for our luck if we are sheltered from such a life. If we havent been, then, take inspiration and meaning from such a story. Of late I’m beginning to truly comprehend how such novels aren’t just a figment of someone’s imagination. No sir, it happens for real. Brutal).

Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

( Its the best birthday present I could have asked for. Thanks Frings!)

This book.. I’m tearing up. I started smiling crazy and acting all senile reading just the introduction and forward. And by the time the first letter was done I was in cloud 7 and beyond. Its this giddy feeling of listening to someone voice out EXACTLY what you want to hear. Birthright. More updates after completing it!)

Update:  The letters.. Some lines from every letter touched something deep down and I think I’m still reeling from it. I also think the other lines would make sense to me only when they will, sorry for the cliche. When I experience something so profound as to comprehend the rest of his words, why, I shall update this page;)

– Re-read- The Adventures of Feluda (Vol 1) by Satyajit Ray 
(I realised a great many cool facts I used all my life came from here! *sheepish*. What brilliant work. Simple.Crisp.Charming. Everything a story must be).

– Going to reread Catch -22 by Joseph Heller

( Who reads it in 7th grade, really? I don’t remember shit!:/ )

– Started The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo

In all the schools I’ve attended, never was any classic a part of my curriculum. I could blame that for my lack of strength in classics;) 

Just kidding! 

Signing off, 



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