A poignant post by Akanksha Negi, caustic comments and input by Raji and Angela. 

(Akanksha Negi photography) 

“Thats my answer to that asshole who said “A female is like a flower. It gives a good-looking, very softness performance, pleasant. But on the other hand, a man is just like a thorn, strong tough enough. That flower always needs protection. If you put that flower in a gutter, it is spoilt. If you put that flower in a temple, it will be worshipped”.


Ashamed of my country today. Such bastards are the reason why India will never move ahead. A girl was raped and her intestines were pulled out from her body and the rapists are still alive and in the jail, giving interviews on how it is the victims fault. Wow.

The Indian government has time to take Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar’s case because they were trying to make people laugh with adult comedy but they dont have time to actually act like adults and concentrate on cases such as this one, which actually needs their attention and justice.

How low can the men of India be. Their belief about how a woman is brought in this world to cook, take care of the family and be sex objects is vastly upsetting.
Why the discrimination? Dont we bloody have the right to do what we want to do? Why can’t we go out at night and hang out with men? What is so wrong about it? Just because we wear short clothes, drink alcohol/smoke, want to study and achieve good things in life makes us the wrong ones? We are ought to be raped?

Documentaries won’t glorify criminals. They provoke you to think. They provide you deep insights into such acts. So I dont support the whole idea of banning the documentary. It should be screened everywhere to show people what is actually happening in our country and its high time, they bloody change their mind sets about women.

We are not here to entertain you. We dont need your “protection”. All we want is respect and the freedom a “HUMAN BEING” deserves to live his/her life without the fear of being raped/molested/judged.

Get that straight”.

She couldn’t voice out what almost every sane citizen in India feels at the moment in a better way.

This is something Raji said along the same lines that I want to stress on : 
“I saw the documentary and read almost all the comments on similar posts, but the underlying fact is that, the Majority of Indian men do grow up with such thoughts. That it is OK to tease and stalk  a girl and if a girl wears modern clothes she is expecting harassment and worse  still rape. Despite all the modern comments, how many men today can honestly say they have never stalked or teased a girl? It is not because they are all psychopaths but Because they have not been told it is wrong. They have not been taught, neither by their parents nor by their teachers or the society,  that it is disgusting and inhumane to mistreat a woman and they have not been taught the right ways to behave with women. This is a whiplash on the Indian society’s face. Either you take a hard stand, face  the problem head on or hide behind that flimsy curtain of culture while all your girls move out of the country and marry foreign  men who treat them right”.

So true.

What is this “great culture” we rant on about? 

Our culture is just like other cultures – we have good and bad in equal proportion. 

Angela mentioned something earlier – the statue at Khajuraho? It shows a group of men having sex with an animal while another man masturbates watching them from a distance. 

So really, culture?

We should realise that culture changes, as time and people change. 

We have come a long way, culturally, and we still have a long way to go, culturally.

There are things we can imbibe from our culture; and then there are some others we shouldn’t. 

And the twisted things sold in the name of culture? 
We should shun them from existance. 

Attitudes, upbringing and mindsets.
The sick, sick minds of so many “fellow countrymen”. And the uprinbing of the plethora of others that let’s human beings be shockingly inhumane.

I do not know if this be a correct mention but it reminds me of Jean Sasson’s book ‘Princess’. Where the protagonist mentions how women let their sons to do just as they please. That they allow them every sinful pleasure of torturing, of haunting and hunting and hurting the opposite sex; because really, it has happened against them anyway. 
So why not let it continue to the next generation? 
Upbringing, again.

Will it ever ever ever sink into their sick minds? 



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