The cry of widow

What do I say about Jay? He’ll agree and disagree with everything I say;)
I’ll let his poem do all the talking –

Kicking off my blanket I sat in my bed

cuz of cold breezily flow over my head

I had a gander at the  window

On hearing the cry of Widow

Since there was no one near by 

A beautiful Mirage came by…

afloating like the  belly of fatman 

Green dews adrifted in a gleeful leaf

Ravishing it was to my eye.

Only for that alone. But why?

Because it wasn’t to my ear….

I could still hear 

The cry of Widow….

Since i was too good in the art of pry

I decided to have a try

Why do you cry,Oh little one?

Its petals turned away soon

Not angrily like the Women do

But to smile at the sun…

I realised ..

The cry of widow is not outside

But its inside

Like the flower did 

I did smile 

This morning Dews didn’t ascend up alone

But with my worries.


(Could you put up the meaning and significance of this in the comment box Jay? 😀 )



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