I have an issue with current affairs and facts. Oh my memory is decent, but I never seem to remember it all. Or rather, I very inconveniently choose not to. I think.
Now, this stopped bothering me after a while.
( I have reasons which half the population will huff at:P)

Until I suddenly realised that I cannot remember poetry either. Poetry that I love and read, words that mean a lot to me, poof!
This seemed absurd, and I couldn’t forgive myself this.

A few months after this realisation,I met a friend. We seemed to talk about everything under the sun that people do not incorporate into daily conversations. Suddenly I told him about how I cannot remember the words from poems at all and yet understand it so well.

He laughed and told me this ..
the soul absorbed the essence from those words and has imbibed it within itself..
When you read it, the pleasure and understanding was so great that emotions took over mere words .. and you are now left with such happiness and content-ness that words cannot hope to match it.
You are complete.

Of course he said it in a much much beautiful manner.

Jay, you’ve promised to write a poem for chatterboxerr, hope you remember!:)



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