Book prints – Feb 2015

Books come to us when the time is right.
So, what are you reading?
I’m reading Man’s search for meaning by Victor E.Frankl 

(Updated: Completed. Startling portrayal of how man can survive anything he wants to, even a Nazi camp. One of the many takeaways? : Success, much like happiness, happens when it’s not the goal but the by product. So when we want something, we don’t pine and drool about it 24/7. We go about working for it and it lands up on our laps when we least expect it. I’ll have to re-read the logotherapy part and even when I do I wouldn’t comment on it. )

*See, when you want typical book reviews, you google. When you want my lopsided half baked reviews is when you drop by Book prints;D @chatterboxerr*

Just got done with:
~Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design (As I’ve mentioned I don’t qualify to comment on this book. It blew my mind away) 

 ~Kate Atkinson’sLife after Life’.
(An intriguing idea (how did she think of it!?) And a really beautiful way of putting forth her comments in brackets. Needs must, indeed) 

 ~Wodehouse’s Summer Moonshine
(I am ashamed to admit that it took me 23 years to finish my first Wodehouse. I should jump off the terrace; but wait I have finally started! And there’s no stopping me from devouring his every book!;D)



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