That feeling.
When in love,
And around the person in question
All is peace
The soul is calmed.
Nothing else be needed, then.
Your eyes don’t search beyond
You don’t care about the base
Normalcy is forgotten
You don’t stay up late
thinking about life’s unanswerable questions.
You don’t need to get tipsy,
you can barely walk straight.
Woozy and high
Its a perch you don’t want to get off.
For you’ve never loved yourself this much,
Ever before.

But when you have to step
Or fall off the perch
Nothing is pure.
Darkness isn’t the long lost friend
It stifles and it hurts
And loneliness takes a permanent seat
Where being alone used to rule.

When gravity thus does her job,
Lost is love
Lost are we
We know we would never love ourselves as much as we did before.




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