V’s poem

My bestie does me proud with this poem.
My influence eh V?;D
Enjoy amigos!

The first time I saw you,
You were a sight to behold,
Such a beauty I have never seen!
Draped in white You looked perfect
So slim so elegant,
You fit so well in my hand like it was meant to be!
The first time you touched my lips
I lost control!
Was I crazy or dizzy?
As time went by I couldn’t be without your touch for long!
It felt good when you were with me
But I felt bad that you had to give up your life so that I could be free!
In reality it was the opposite you see!
You weren’t giving up your life you see but instead consuming me
Later on I realised that I was never free
It would either end with me killing you or you killing me!
– V



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