Ma always scolds me –
Shoes and clothes and god knows what.
Place to place I pack my materialistic goods forward –
New homes, new places, new phases of my life.
This cornucopia amassed amazes me
For it isn’t like what Ma supposes.
See I actually do use it all
It’s span is cyclic too, just like our lives.
Sometimes a few sizes too big, times of tad too small-ness,
Sometimes a slipper, then times those shoes.
Some days the colour grey, then there are the blues!
It varies through age and time.

One day, Ma got to me.

So I decided
To wear it all, one at a time
Before throwing them away.
I tried not looking like a klutz
Wearing fashions of years past
Then promptly forgot about appearances.
I spoke endearingly to each piece –
(Of course in private, in my mind only, promise)

Oh I wore you during THAT trip!
Oh how many years of tears you’ve seen
Oh I have such glorious pictures wearing you
Oh I danced with him wearing you
Sigh the memories!
I did it and bid adieu.

Here I sit,
My iPad and me,
With a neat minimal closet.
I already seem to miss
my materialistic abundance.

I hope I move on.




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